Mercedes Benz 320 SL

“Paul explained the whole process in extensive detail. With his experience and local contacts he was able to get me a truly exceptional car. The whole process was interesting and quite good fun, not hard work. Paul also helped smooth the process of getting the car into the country and registered. I highly recommend the service.”

Mazda Bango Friendee 2.5 TDI, 2 WD Auto

“In the summer of 2009, I decided to look at buying an MPV to go camping to newquay with my girlfriend and another couple. Having Spoke to Paul at Japautoagent, I wasnt convinced importing was a great Idea. Lots of money being paid out for months of seeing nothing in return. He spent hours on the phone explaining every single possible concern I threw into the conversation. I run an architectural practise and find trusting new ventures such as these very difficult and proceed only in the most cautious manner. After deciding to proceed with sourcing the perfect vehicle, I paid the 500 deposit (by credit card as this is insured by fraud so nothing to lose). Everytime there was some of interest I would get a broken down list of possible purchases for auction. We would discuss each vehicle and agree a limit for a select few. The vehicles get thoroughly checked before going through auction and after a few attempts at auction, I vehicle came within my bid and I bought a 1998 Bongo in as new condition. I got 42 pictures sent very shortly after the auction covering every possible angle in and out of the car. It was, as described before I ok’d the bidding. Until I got that vehicle to my front door, I couldnt relax as these are still only pictures! I finally took delivery of it, to my door, on the hour I was told to expect it. Exactly as shown on the pictures, Eaxctly! Now, this is when I can safely say and tell everyone who asks me that Paul Bowden from Japautoagent is one of the most trustworthy, helpful and prompt businessmen (and now a good friend) I have come across. This guy knows more about importing Japanese cars then anyone could make out they do. All you have to do is ask him any question relating to the process and he will explain, in detail! I did the conversions myself for the Speedo and had a little trouble getting the clocks apart. I called Paul for any ideas and he spent hours helping me through the conversions and talking me through the process. He is one genuine bloke and I hope if people decide to purchase an import, they will chose the easiest and best with Japautoagent. Finally having decided that the Bongo is a little small I am currently importing a Nissan Elgrand with Paul’s help and I will most certainly be importing them for a long time to come. Thank you Paul for all your help and support!”


“This facelift WRX auto model car is a very rare spec car, even in Japan. Japautagent not only found us one, but a low milage one in great original condition at a good price! Professional every step of the way. I don’t see what more you could possibly hope for. They even help get the car quickly and efficiently shipped to your door. This is why I have used Japautoagent more than once.”

Nissan Elgrand 3.2 TDI Auto,2/4 WD, V, 8 Seat, Luxury MPV

“Hi again everyone, just like to let you all know. If your thinking of using Japautoagent to import a car I don’t think you could get a better quality car and value for money anywhere, Over the past two years I have imported three Japanese cars for myself and family through Paul at Japautoagent, the service he’s given me and the quality of car he supplies including this Nissan Elgrand is superb, from the start he’s always there to give help and assistance at every stage of the process, the surprising thing is that he doesn’t stop when the car lands here in the UK and his job is done, that said I’m now getting to be an expert at this import game, Thanks very much Paul the Elgrand is lovely”

Toyota Aristo 3.0i Twin Turbo V Spec

“You don’t get 14 year old cars in showroom condition right? Well actually, through Japautoagent you do. Somehow these guys found and helped me purchase the 1996 car that I wanted in Grade 4.5/A condition. I’ve never seen anything like it, apart from in a car museum! Very happy customer.”

Mazda Bongo 2.5 TDI, 5 Speed Manual, 4 WD Auto Free Top

“Hi every one, Just like to let you all know this is my second car from Paul, this Mazda Bongo has turned out better than he said it would be, he never fails to surprise me with all the help he gives to me or any one who buys of him, He’s always there to help, So dont be shy get buying you wont find any import cars here in the UK for less money or in better nick belive me I have seen the sheds that are being sold out there.”

Toyota Hi Ace 2.8 Diesel High Roof Camper

“This was my first imported car. Paul will tell you how skeptical and nervous I was about going ahead with it. But after talking to Paul at length and realizing what a great bargain I was getting I set the ball rolling. Paul kept me up to speed all the way and within a few weeks the car was in Liverpool. The condition was above and beyond what Paul described and I’m very pleased I went ahead. Don’t be shy, this guy knows his stuff and sources fantastic quality vehicles! I would not hesitate to use Paul’s services again in the future. Thanks for everything Paul!”

Toyota Harrier 240G 2.4 VVT- I

“This is my third car through Paul and yet again he has shown complete professionalism throughout. He is very helpful and reliable and I will use him again when the need arises. The car is immaculate so yet again I am happy!”

Nissan Largo Highway Star 2.0 Tdi

“I have just purchased a Nissan Largo Highway Star from Paul and I have to say that his advice, guidance and attention to detail was superb and I would have no hesitation either using him again myself or recommending him to anyone considering importing a Japanese vehicle. He also provides invaluable back-up if any problems or hitches arise.”

Mazda Bongo Friendee,2.5 TDI Auto Low Roof 2 WD

“Well I talked to Paul about a year ago, I was not sure about letting my money go to someone I had not met, But 1 year later I see he was still there on the net, So I took the leap of faith, He was very helpful and the car was as he said it would be, I’m very impressed with it and will deal again with Paul, he’s a real good guy so don’t be shy and get buying you wont get a better deal elsewhere.”