Toyota Alphard AS 2.4i Auto 2WD, 8 Seats MPV

“Got a fantastic condition, low mileage car. Promised and delivered. When I began the process I had an idea of what I wanted, but with Paul’s breadth of knowledge of Japanese cars he was able to steer me to the exact specification that would work for me, which was a 2.4L Alphard (2WD). Paul acts as an agent rather than vendor, and as such has no vested interest in selling you any particular car, but he does have an interest in selling you one that you’ll be happy with. I’ve now got a car that I am more than happy with, and as an added bonus, it was significantly cheaper than comparable models on sale in the UK. Furthermore, had I bought a used car in the UK myself, I would’ve had to rely on my own instinct as to the car’s condition. But buying through JapAutoAgent, I had the assurance of it being examined by a mechanic prior to bidding. So far from buying blind, I was actually much better informed than if I had bought a car from a UK dealer myself. Overall, Paul offers a great service, and it was a pleasure to do business with him.”