Step 4: UK Customs Clearance

48 hours before the ship arrives of the at the UK Port you will receive an invoice from the UK Customs Clearance Agent

This is for the total amount required to clear UK customs.

Shipping Charges
UK Duty and VAT
UK Port Handling
Customs Clearance Agent Fees

You make one payment for the total amount on the invoice direct to the Customs Agent UK Nat West Bank and they will make all payments to the Shipping Line and HMRC Customs on your behalf.

The customs clearance process normally takes around 48 hours.

When completed the car can be collected direct from the UK bonded yard.

You will be asked to provide the name of the person you want to collect the vehicle from the UK bonded yard

They will have to show personal ID on the day of collection.

UK Registration at the DVLA.

Below is the UK Road Fund Licence Charges for Japanese Imported Vehicles from February 2019

Car engine size

12 month rate

Six month rate

Below 1549 cc



Above 1549 cc



Should you wish we can introduce you to specialist garages who provide a UK registration service.

Imported vehicle Over Ten Years Old require an MOT Test Only Before Registration at the DVLA

Rear Fog Light Fitting and Speedo Re-Calibration from KPH to MPH

MOT Test Only

DVLA Registration Fee £55.00

Number Plates

Imported Vehicles Under Ten Years Old Require IVA Testing & MOT Before Registration at the DVLA

Rear Fog Light Fitting

Speedo Re-Calibration from Klm to MPH

MOT Test if over three year’s old

VDSA IVA Test £199.00

DVLA Registration Fee £55.00

Number Plates

After customs clearance the garage will collect your newly imported car from the UK Bonded Yard at the port

They will book the VDSA IVA Test, prepare the car and supervise the test on the appointed day

They will submit the documents on your behalf to the DVLA for UK registration

After registration they will fit number plates and put the Road Fund Licence in the car

Congratulations your newly imported car is now ready to driving on the UK roads

From the start of the purchase process to the registration at the DVLA

We remain available to give our customers all the help and advice they may need.

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