Step 2: Cherry Pick and Buy direct from the Japanese Car Auctions

Japanese Car Auction, are very well organized and highly efficient affairs

Over 50,000 cars at auction each week from near New Cars to 25year old Classic’s

Auction staff carry out Background Check and Inspections on all the cars in the sale.

They produce an Auction Report giving Vital Information plus an Overall Condition Grade

We search the Auctions and Cherry Pick the best High Grade Low Mileage cars at least 24 hours before the start of the auctions and select the best Year, Make, Model, Colour to match with your Budget.

When a vehicle is found we translate the Japanese auction report in to English

We provide a guide to the Auction Car Cost in Japanese Yen = UK on the road GBP price

Our buyer will go to the auction and inspect the car Hands-On and check that it matches with the auction report

He will take up to 50 photos and email them direct to you

Our aim is to show the condition of the car Interior and Exterior with photos showing of the driver Foot Well Pedals, Steering Wheel, Seats and Carpets, Head Lining, Ash Tray, Cigarette Lighter, Engine Bay, Wheels and Tires, and Chassis.

Next he will call you direct on the phone and go through the photos.

At this point you can you agree to adjust your maximum bid up or down.

We often find this is when our customer’s confidence in process takes off.

The last 15 years have proven this method of buying direct from Japan has proven to be highly successful producing fantastic savings while securing the best quality used cars that have ever been imported into the UK.

Simply put, the best cars that we target for normally stay in Japan!

Take a look at our Testimonials Pages and learn about our 15year Track Record

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Guide to the Japanese Auction Condition Grading System:

  • Grade 6, or S, relates to a Near New Cars with 0 Km

  • 5.0 As new or almost new – Very Low delivery mileage condition

  • 4.5 Very high grade – Used car in superb showroom condition

  • 4.0 High grade – Used car well above average light cleaning required

  • 3.5 Average – Good condition requires paintwork repairs and cleaning

  • 3.0 Below average condition – Will require more paint, major cleaning, high Km

  • 2.5 Low Grade condition – Major dents to a number of body panels, dirty

  • 2.0 Very low grade condition – Major dents to most panels, very dirty, high Km

  • 1.0 Severely bad condition – Vehicle may have accident history

  • A. Accident history – Recorded as accident repaired

  • A.1 Recorded Accident history – But well repaired

  • R. Damage repaired car- Also modified cars with replaced body panels

Interior Condition Grading System:

  • A. As new or almost new – Very Low delivery mileage condition

  • B. Above average – Used car with good clean interior condition

  • C. Average Condition – Used car in need of interior cleaning

  • D. Below Average condition – Damaged or very dirty interior

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Fixed commission starting from £750

15+ Years Superb Track Record