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Step 1: How to Import a Japanese Car to the UK
Cherry Pick and Buy direct from the Japanese Car Auctions

Japanese Car Auction, are very well organized and highly efficient affairs

Over 100,000 cars at auction each week from near New Cars to 25 year old Classic’s

Auction staff carry out Background Check plus a Hands-On Inspections on all the cars in the sale

They produce a Auction Report giving Vital Information plus an Overall Condition Grade

We use the Auction Reports to help Cherry Pick the best High Grade Low Mileage cars

Under Japanese Domestic Law auctions must not be seen to mislead buyers

We consider buying from direct from Japanese car auctions a far better and safer option

Compared with buying from individual Japanese export dealers who own the cars they offer!

Working as your Agent we don’t own the cars in the auction, So there is no Bias!

We simply target the best examples and point out the reasons why they are the best

This method of buying and Personally Importing Japanese cars has proven to be highly successful

Take a look at our Track Record and read what our customers have to say >>>Testimonial Pages

Also go and look at our You Tube Channel where you will see the quality of the cars we supply.

Guide to the Japanese Auction Condition Grading System:

  • Grade 6, or S, relates to a New Cars with 0 Km
  • 5.0 As new or almost new – Very Low delivery miles condition
  • 4.5 Very high grade – Used car in superb showroom condition
  • 4.0 High grade – Used car well above average light cleaning required
  • 3.5 Average – Good condition requires paintwork repairs and cleaning
  • 3.0 Below average condition – Will require more paint, major cleaning, high Km
  • 2.5 Low Grade condition – Major dents to a number of body panels, dirty
  • 2.0 Very low grade condition – Major dents to most panels, very dirty, high Km
  • 1.0 Severely bad condition – Vehicle may have accident history
  • A. Accident history – Recorded as accident repaired
  • A.1 Recorded Accident history – But well repaired
  • R. Damage repaired car- Also modified cars with replaced body panels

Interior Condition Grading System:

  • A As new or almost new – Very Low delivery miles condition
  • B Above average – Used car with good clean interior condition
  • C Average Condition – Used car in need of interior cleaning
  • D Below Average condition – Damaged or very dirty interior

When a target vehicle is found we arrange for a translation of the auction report in to English.

It’s Vitally Important to know what the report has to say about the vehicles Condition and History

To See an Example Japanese Auction Report Click Here

The Buying Process

We search through the auctions the day before and cherry pick the best examples that match your budget

When a target vehicle is found we translate the Japanese auction report in to English

It’s Vital to know the truth about the vehicles Condition and Japanese History

We provide a guide to the Auction Car Cost in Japanese Yen and the UK on the road price

The Japanese Export Company charge Export Fee starting at 100,000 Japanese Yen

The Auction Car Cost and the Export Fees together make up the Free On Board ( FOB) price

This is the cost of the car on loaded on the ship as the ship sails from the Japanese port bound for the UK

Our buyer will inspect the car Hands-On and check that it matches with the auction report

Our Buyer is English, Based in Osaka and fluent in Japanese, and a fully trained mechanic!

Before the start of the Auction he will carry out a Hands On Inspection of the car

He will take up to 50 Large High Resolution photos and email them direct to you

Next he will call you direct on the phone and go through the 50 high resolution photos and point out and issues

The 50 photos will clearly show the Interior Brake and Accelerator Pedals, Seats and Carpets, Head Lining,

Ash Tray and Cigarette Lighter, Engine Bay, Wheels and Tyres, and Chassis.

It’s at this point we find that our customers confidence in the buying process truly takes off

Because the detail in the photos we show is so clear that customers can make a informed decisions

At this point you can adjust your maximum bid up or down

Should your bid be successful and we secure the vehicle next it will be transported to the Japanese Port

Later our buyer will travel to the port and take another 50 Large High Resolution photos plus a HD Video Demo

We aim that you fully understand the condition and background history of the vehicle you have purchased

Well before we request payment of the vehicle FOB invoice price.

The FOB price will work out at around 50% to 60% of the total car cost landed in the UK

As the ship arrives at the UK port the Shipping Charges and the UK Customs charges are paid

Shipping Charges, HMRC Duty & VAT, UK Port Handling Fees

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions you would like to ask

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