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STEP 2: Exporting your car out of Japan

Once your car has been purchased at auction the export process can now begin

The vehicle will be transported from the auction to the bonded yard at the nearest Japanese port

For a cars purchased up to 1 Million Yen car cost the export fees is 100,000 Yen = Approx £600.00

The export fee added to the auction car cost makes up the Free on Board price (FOB Price)

This is the total cost loaded on to the ship as it sail from the Japanese port bound for the UK.

Below is a breakdown of what is covered by these Japanese export fees.

  • Japanese Auction Fees
  • Buyer’s Commission for traveling to the auction, hands on inspection, purchase of vehicle
  • 50 Large High Resolution Photos taken in the auction before the sale plus a direct phone call to our customer
  • Inland vehicle transport from the place of purchased to the bonded yard in the Japanese Port
  • FOB Invoicing for the vehicle in Japanese Yen
  • De Registration of the vehicle at the Japanese registration offices
  • Application for a Japanese Vehicle Export Certificate
  • Booking shipping space on the next available sailing to a port of your choice
  • Another 50 Large High Resolution Photos taken in the bonded yard at the port
  • You Tube Video Demo with proof of the day and date produced in the bonded yard
  • Final inspection of the vehicle in the boned yard before shipping
  • Port handling ( loading on to the ship ) and bonded yard storage charges
  • Japanese Export Tax
  • Surrender of the Bill of Laden
  • Postage of documents direct to you by International Courier


Should you wish to target a higher value vehicle, the Japanese export fees will rise as fallow:

1. Vehicles Purchased Between ¥1.000,000 and ¥1.500,000 Japanese Yen Auction Car Cost: EXPORT FEE: ¥130,000

2. Vehicles Purchased Between ¥1.500,000 and ¥2.000,000 Japanese Yen Auction Car Cost: EXPORT FEE: ¥170,000

3. Vehicles Purchased Between ¥2.000,000 and ¥2.500,000 Japanese Yen Auction Car Cost: EXPORT FEE: ¥250,000

4. For Vehicles Over ¥2,500,000 Auction Car Cost, Please contact us for a quote

UK Ports of Destination

Your vehicle will now be booked on the first available Ro Ro ship bound for the UK port of your choice.
Ro Ro Bulk Car Carrier Ships sail from the Japanese ports of – Yokohama – Nagoya – Kobe – Osaka
UK Ports of Destination Southampton – Bristol – Liverpool – Newcastle
Shipping is charged by the Sq Cubic meter and calculated on the size of the vehicle.
For example a Mazda MX5 Sports Car = 8.29 Sq Cubic m3 or a Nissan Elgrand 8 Seater MPV = 16.27 Sq Cubic m3
Shipping charges are normally paid on arrival at the UK port direct to the customs clearance agent
There are four shipping lines each have a sailing about once a month
Sailings take around six and a half weeks however please be aware that delays can occur.
Also allow extra time should your vehicle have missed the previous sailing.


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