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Japanese Campers

Elevating Roof Conversion.

Japanese Campers have become very popular in the UK commanding very high retail prices

We are often asked to supply High Auction Grade Low Mileage best quality JDM MPV / Minivans for Motor Camper Conversion

Because of the high cost of the conversion it only makes common sense to start with the best quality chassis you can buy.

This page is provided solely for the convenience of our customer looking to import and convert Japanese MPV’s into Motor Camper Van

We can help you to save many thousand of pounds on your Japanese [JDM] MPV for camper conversion along with links to Camper Conversion services for example the fitting of Elevating Camper Roof.

There massive savings to be made on the UK retail price by importing a top quality vehicle direct from Japan and converting your own Japanese Motor Campervan to your personal requirements.

See Examples of Japanese Camper Below.

Nissan Elgrand Camper Conversions 2

Japanese Campers

Japanese Campers

Japanese Motor Campervan are today very popular models for campervan conversion.

Toyota Alphard Campervans 2.4 or 3.0 Auto 2 or 4wd

Nissan Elgrand Campervans 2.5 or 3.5 Auto 2wd or selectable 2/4wd

Honda Stepwagon Campervans 2.0 or 2.4 Auto 2 or 4wd

Mitsubishi Delica D5 Campervans 2.4 Auto 2wd or selectable 2/4wd

Mazda Bongo Campervans  2.0 or 2.5 Auto 2wd or 4wd

These are only a small selection but there are many more [J.D.M] Mini-Van models from which you can choose from.

Elevating Pop Up Roof Conversion.

Fitting a Japanese Imported MPV with a Elevating Pop Up Roof is not as difficult now or expensive as in the past.

Today there’s a wide range of Elevating Pop Up Roofs to fit many of the popular [JDM] MPV models

Elevating Pop Up Roof will grately enhance the value of the vehicle on the UK market.

By using Jap Auto Agent Ltd to cherry pick the best quality MPV direct from the Japanese Car Auction at the Export Trade Price

You will make massive savings of thousands of pound on the UK retail prices for a Like for Like vehicle

Plus Conversion into a Motor Camper will Elevate the value to another level altogether

DIY Conversion also gives an opportunity to design and build a Motor Camper to your own personal specs and requirements.


For Nissan Elgrand Elevating Camper Roofs


Mr. Gary Hall on Tel 07976 443565



DIY Japanese Camper Conversion

Here is an example of a E51 Nissan Elgrand we recently supplied to one of our regular customers George.

To be fair George is a cabinet-maker and you can see he made a lovely job of his Nissan Elgrand Motor Camper Conversion.

There are some very nice fetches on this conversion such as Under Body Chassis Mounted LPG Gas Tank making for easy gas re-filling and much safer with less fire risk and a saving on internal space by not having to install a Fire Proof Gas Locker.

Today we have many customer who imported there Japanese MPV through Jap Auto Agent for Motor Camper Conversion.

Nissan Elgrand Japanese Camper Convesion 5

Japanese Camper Conversion

Toyota Alphard Japanese Camper

JDM Toyota Alphard 2.4i or 3.0 VVTi Auto 2 or 4wd models also make superb Japanese Camper Conversions,

They come with luxury high end specs with Superb Smooth Engines and Automatic Gearboxes

Perfect for Luxury Long Distance Arm Chair Driving,

After all, your holiday starts when you start driving with hours behind the steering wheel

You will find that your still fresh when you arrive at your holiday location, so why not start your holiday in comfort.

Toyota Alphard Motor Campers make for ideal over night and weekend camper with very smooth motor-way cruising speeds

They can also come with 4 WD which makes these Toyota Alphard models perfect for Over Night Wild Camping

SAM_5634 (1280x960)

Toyota Alphard Camper Convertion

SAM_5635 (1280x960)

Toyota Alphard Interior Camper Conversion

SAM_5631 (1280x960)

Toyota Alphard Elevating Roof Conversion

SAM_5638 (1280x960)

Toyota Alphard Pop Up Roof Conversion

SAM_5640 (1280x960)

Toyota Alphard Motor Camper Conversion

SAM_5637 (1280x960)

Toyota Alphard Elevating Camper Roofs

For Prices Contact

Mr. Gary Hall on Tel 07976 443565


Honda Stepwagon Campervans




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