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Jap Auto Agent Customers Feed Back Reviews

Jap Auto Agent Customer Feed Back Reviews are freely given by our customers,
We supply Japanese Imported Cars to customers throughout the UK
We trade on Word of Mouth and a Superb Proven Track Record to generate new and repeat business
As you read these reviews note the high quality of the Japanese Imported cars we supplied to our customers
Not only did they get a high grade car but also saved of many thousands of pounds on UK retail prices in the process
So there is absolutely no doubt about it, We do provide a genuine Win-Win opportunity !

Toyota Toyota Alphard AS 2.4i Auto 2WD, 8 Seats MPV

Name :
Mr. Richard Mindang, Oxford
Customer Comments:

“Got a fantastic condition, low mileage car. Promised and delivered. When I began the process I had an idea of what I wanted, but with Paul’s breadth of knowledge of Japanese cars he was able to steer me to the exact specification that would work for me, which was a 2.4L Alphard (2WD). Paul acts as an agent rather than vendor, and as such has no vested interest in selling you any particular car, but he does have an interest in selling you one that you’ll be happy with. I’ve now got a car that I am more than happy with, and as an added bonus, it was significantly cheaper than comparable models on sale in the UK. Furthermore, had I bought a used car in the UK myself, I would’ve had to rely on my own instinct as to the car’s condition. But buying through JapAutoAgent, I had the assurance of it being examined by a mechanic prior to bidding. So far from buying blind, I was actually much better informed than if I had bought a car from a UK dealer myself. Overall, Paul offers a great service, and it was a pleasure to do business with him.”

Nissan Elgrand Rider

Name :
Elvin Priestley !
Customer Comments:

Well what can I say. Are you thinking of buying a car from Japan ? I did but it all seemed very complicated. But not if you leave it to Paul Bowden at Japautoagent he made it so easy from start to finish. and I got a great deal.
I not only got a great car at a great price with very low mileage I also gained a good friend in Paul, he is so professional in what he does, just tell him what your looking for and let him with his 30 years of experience do the rest and he’ll most definitely get you the car of your dreams, he did for me,
What a Gentleman.
Elvin Priestley

Toyota Vellfire VL

Name :
Mr Yoan Wong, Wrexham North Wales
Customer Comments:

Well what more can I say other than I am more than a very satisfied customer.
I have had my Toyota Vellfire for a couple of weeks now and it’s an amazing motor.
Frist of all the warmest of thanks to Paul who has made everything possible and explained in full detail every step I needed to take from ordering until the car was delivered. Thanks also to his associates in Japan.
Paul is one of a kind and in this day and age it’s seldom you can come across such a straight forward and trustworthy individual.
Anybody wishing to import a Japanese car would be foolish to go any other place than to Japautoagent.
Thank you Paul once again
Yoan Wong.

Nissan Elgrand Rider 3.3i Auto, 2/4 WD Full Leather, 12,000 Miles from New !

Name :
Richard-Crossley Birrell-Bathgate Stonehouse, South Lanarkshire,
Customer Comments:

I saw a link for Jap Auto Agent on Google when i was looking for a new people carrier. I gave Paul a call and found him to be knowledgeable, helpfull and easy to talk to with no pressure sell or fast talking. He talked me through the process of importing a vehicle from Japan and told me to give him a call back if I was interested and wanted to go ahead, after i'd thought about it I took the plunge, he helped me choose a vehicle, organise payments and arrange collection of the vehicle from Liverpool docks. Everyone I spoke to during the process couldn't have been more helpfull from the first call to the stevadores at the docks. I would advise anyone thinking of buying an import to give Paul a call first I will certainly be using his services again. Ricky

Toyota Alphard MZ 3.0 V6 VVTi Auto, Conditon Grade 4.5

Name :
Mr Craig Hill, Windsor, Berkshire,
Customer Comments:

Paul did a great job in steering us through our journey from the initial “I’m thinking of an Alphard, and am interested in importing direct” conversation to taking delivery of a lovely low mileage vehicle in excellent condition months on. We particularly valued the early advice in the process on the best price/quality/specification mix to aim for, and then the ability to discuss directly merits of specific vehicles with the staff in Japan. The bidding process is quite fun too! Paul has also proven to be a reliable support in dealing with the inevitable small issues that crop up once the vehicle arrives. We will certainly look to JapAutoAgent for our next import, and I have no hesitation in recommending Paul to anyone looking to import their own vehicle.

Nissan Elgrand E51 3.5i Auto 2 / 4 WD, 5 Door X Grade

Name :
Donnie & Elise Mackenzie, Isle of Lewis, Outer Hebrides
Customer Comments:

"I would like to say thanks to Japautoagent for finding us a great car. We purchased a 2002 Elgrand X grade in 4.5 codition and i have to say it has exceeded our expectations. For an 11 year old car with 45k miles it is incredibly clean. Before the number plates went on the car everyone who saw it thought i had imported a brand new motor. Thanks to Paul's man in Japan for his patience until we found the right car for the right money. Any doubts i had about buying the car long distance were put to rest once i started dealing with him. It was a really enjoyable experience buying & importing my own car and will definitely consider this option again. I would say the main thing you need is to have patience as it took us a couple of weeks of trying before we were successful in purchasing a car. Also be prepared for a long wait while it is being shipped. It took 10 weeks until it arrived in Newcastle from the day of purchase but it could be shorter depending on the vessel timing. We soon forgot about the wait when we saw it for the first time in immaculate condition. All that matters is my wife is delighted with her new wheels and that is priceless.

Nissan Elgrand E51 3.5i Auto 2WD, 5 Door X Grade

Name :
M&S Hulton, East Anglia
Customer Comments:

We wanted to write this testimonial to help other people who are thinking of importing a car via Japautoagent. Paul and the team in Japan and the UK were faultless – truly excellent in their service, extremely knowledgeable and totally committed to getting us the best car they possibly could. We were on a tight budget and the team worked within that and our specification (2 sunroofs, mileage below 45kmiles, grade 4.5 exterior etc) with no problems and found us a car which is absolutely outstanding inside and out – the condition is excellent and only 38kmiles! Everything that Paul and the team told us about what to expect and what the financial costs would be proved to be extremely accurate and there were no hidden costs like you get with some importers/import services. What makes Paul and the team standout is the level of service and the fact that you are never buying in the dark or from scrappy information – the info and then photos from the team in Japan sent pre-auction, and then the phone call from the person inspecting it, are top quality information and just what you need when spending this kind of money on a car – it would be high quality service in the UK, but given that you’re buying in Japan and then importing a car that you can’t actually go & see; it is outstandingly high. So – if you’re thinking of importing a car, then I cannot recommend any one more highly than japautoagent The reason we will be buying our next car from Paul and team is not only all of the above, but because in addition to all that – they are totally genuine and honest people, who really mean what they say – they want to do their best for you – and do!

Toyota Alphard 3.5i G Luxury 7 Seat Top of the range MPV

Name :
William Yeung, Uxbridge London.
Customer Comments:

I would like to thank the team at Japautoagent to help me to bring in the Japanese Toyota Alphard onto the UK soil. I have never seen anything like it on UK roads and I'm proud to own quite an unique vehicle in UK. I knew exactly what I wanted when I contacted Japautoagent and Paul has given me tremendous information on how the whole process works and we spent hours chatting over the phone only for Paul to make things absolutely clear for me in terms of the sourcing, bidding, shipping to UK, registering and collection. Paul's knowledge is undoubtable and has given me very high confidence. This 2008 Alphard GL is not one of those garbage high mileage tuned early 2000 Alphard imports. The condition of my 2008 Alphard was indeed very impressive and Paul guided me along to correctly bid for the ''right'' vehicle with low mileage and good condition. Patience is the key! The whole process was smooth with credit to the staff in Japan for organising the translation of the auction report for the vehicle and shipping the vehicle to the UK, the only complain is that I waited an extra month or two to get the vehicle on the road in UK. I cannot blame Japautoagent as it was the DVLA who made silly mistakes which successfully delayed the date of the registration. The interior of the Alphard is amazing and I really like it when the exterior isn't that high profile which doesn't catch too much attention, but the car does get stared at from car enthusiasts everywhere. Many thanks again to Paul and I'm glad I made a correct decision to appointed Japautoagent.

Toyota Alphard 3.0 VVTi Auto MS 8 Seat MPV

Name :
Mr B Spits ( London )
Customer Comments:

I would like to thank you for the outstanding service and support you provided with utmost patience and clarity. You have been very thorough in the entire process and ensured that I was kept in the loop and made fully aware of the entire procedure. The process of sourcing the correct vehicle and ensuring that the correct bid is made and the outstanding service from your team in Japan who gave the vehicle a thorough inspection and submitted many pictures and video was a great benefit and gave me a great confidence in confirming the purchase. Also the service provided in the entire import process and ensuring the car is registered in the UK correctly was done in a very satisfactory manner. I am extremely satisfied with the vehicle I found it to be in a very clean and new condition inside and out the mileage is definitely correct judging on the condition of the car. The performance is outstanding drove it fully loaded to our holiday in France and clocked up approx. 2500 miles and it had a luxurious and comfortable drive, I would highly recommend this vehicle for comfort, performance, practicality and space. It is also very easy to drive and manoeuvre. I would highly recommend your services to customers who are seeking to import a vehicle and are looking for a genuine product, good condition and value for money.

Nissan Elgrand 3.5 V6 Auto Petrol

Name :
Mr Andy Goodman, Gosport, Hampshire.
Customer Comments:

I was looking for something a little different but didn't have the time to go out every weekend looking at vehicles. This was a completely new experience and one I really enjoyed, buying a car from the comfort of your own home was easy. Paul explained everything I needed to know, He arranged photos and checking the vehicle before we decided to buy. Paul's help and advice didn't stop once the car had been bought but continued right up until I had the vehicle on the road – you really feel Paul wants to make sure you are completely happy. Well I am certainly happy with my purchase and would do it all again.

Nissan Elgrand Highway Star 3.2 TDI All Mode 2/4 WD

Name :
Philip Tyler – Sheffield
Customer Comments:

First time I have purchased a vehicle in this way so worried about laying out money to unknown. But no need to have worried found paul to be up front, honest, and helpful would highly recommend. ( knows is stuff) thanks Paul

Nissan Elgrand 3.5i Auto 2/4 WD, 5 Door X Grade Model

Name :
Mr Mike Beeston, Mid Wales.
Customer Comments:

“Whilst this is not the first vehicle I've bought from Japan it is the first one for which I have used 'JapAutoAgent' and Paul Bowden, and it was a very pleasant and worry free experience. From the beginning Paul clearly explained the process to me and cheerfully answered all my questions. Once we started looking for a vehicle I was provided with clear information about prospective purchases and their potential value at auction by Paul's contact in Japan. Once we had secured a purchase every effort was made to ensure that it would arrive safely in the UK. On arrival in the UK Paul's contacts here arranged seamless passage through the import process and subsequent preparation and registration of the vehicle for the UK roads. At all times Paul has been very generous with his time and made every effort to ensure that I secured the vehicle that met my needs. Thank you Paul and your various colleagues both in Japan and the UK.”

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