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Please find below some of the Frequently Asked Questions we get asked by our customers relating to our service of exporting cars from Japan and how our service works.

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Will you help me to get my car registered at the DVLA?

Yes. We will give help and advice at every stage of the import and registration process, when the time comes to register your car we will help you to prepare your documents for posting to the DVLA

Your V5 Registration Document should come back in the post in about 10 days.

If I buy an over ten year old car do I need an IVA Test?

No. Over ten years old vehicles require a MOT Test only before registration at the DVLA the vehicle will still need to have the Speedo re-calibrated and a Fog Light fitted

What is the IVA Test?

Imported vehicles Under Ten Years Old require an IVA Test, this is a Type Approval Inspection carried out by the VDSA

This has to be done before application for registration at the DVLA, the VDSA charge £199.00 for the test

Japanese vehicles will require speedo recalibration Km to Miles also a Fog Light must be fitted to the rear of the vehicle

It is likely there may be some other adjustments required for the test for example adjustment to head lights and indicators

We can introduce customers to garage services who provide IVA Testing.

Which UK ports do you ship the cars to?

We mainly ship cars to Southampton Port for customers in the south of England, Customers in Scotland and north of England ship to Newcastle upon Tyne in the north east.

There are other shipping lines to Bristol but we prefer to use these two ports for ether the north or the south of England

Can I buy a brand new car for import into the UK?

No,  We can NOT supply a brand new unregistered cars direct from Japan.

However we can supply near new cars with delivery mileage that have already been registered in Japan,

Below is an example of the Toyota Vellfire we supplied for a UK customer that had only done 33 Miles from the factory gate

Delivery Mileage Toyota Vellfire      The UK VDSA IVA Testing rules stipulate a vehicle must be registered in Japan for a minimum six months before being exported

These are the rules to qualify for IVA Testing

Take a look at our testimonials and you will see some examples of near new vehicles we have supplied in the passed.

If you wish to learn more about near new vehicle then contact myself Mr. Paul Bowden with the make and model you want.


How long will the process take to buy and import my car?

The shipping time is around 6 to 8 weeks but if you miss the last shipment then you will have to wait for the net available ship.

As a general guide the total time is around two months.

How do you find the cars for your clients?

We search the next day’s auction online and cherry pick the cars to match with your budget, the Japanese auctions own inspectors carry out background checks on every car in the sale, they also carry out detailed inspections hands on and produce an auction report

This is the safest way to buy cars in Japan as the auction must comply with domestic Law

We also inspect the cars hands on before the sale to confirm what is said on the auction report if we see anything we don’t like we simply walk away and look for another car.

After all why should we supply a bad car when it’s no more difficult for us to supply a good car? Plus in doing so we add to our already long standing proven track record, See Our Testimonials, once your car has been found Inspected and purchased at auction the Japanese export company arrange to export your car to the UK port of your choice.

How do we pay for the car?

There are three payments required.

First Payment

The first payment (Auction Bid Deposit) this is made at the time of appointment of Jap Auto Agent Ltd

The Deposit demonstrates your intention to complete the purchase

The deposit is fully refundable if we can’t supply the vehicle you require

Once we have secured your vehicle the deposit becomes committed to the purchase

Our commission is then take from the deposit

If there is a balance after we have taken our commission it will be refunded to the customer

Second Payment

This is for the (F.O.B. Price) which means (Free on Board)

It’s the total cost of the car loaded onto the ship in the Japanese port

Once a vehicle is secured you will receive an invoice for the FOB price

As a guide the F.O.B. Price is just over 50% of the (O.T.R) on the UK road price

The F.O.B price is made up of 1 / Auction Car Cost 2 / The Japanese Export Company Fees

The Export Company Fees start at Yen 100,000 = £550.00 this is to pay for

1/ Buyers commission for attending the auction, inspection, taking photos, and submitting bids

2/ De–Registration of the vehicle in Japan and application for an Export Certificate

3/ Inland vehicle transport to the Japanese port

4/ Bonded yard storage and port handling fees in Japan

5/ Japanese export taxes

6/ Photos taken at the port and the production of a You Tube Video Demo in the bonded yard

Why do we have to pay the F.O.B. in Japanese Yen?

We assist you to buy a vehicle direct from the auction in Japan in your own name

So the vehicle will be invoiced direct to you in Japanese Yen

Optional, you may use your own high street Bank if you wish, or

We can help you get a better rate of exchange than is normally offered by the UK high street Banks

Third Payment is made on arrival of the ship at the UK port

This payment is made in GBP direct to the Customs Clearance Agent here in the UK

When the ship arrives at the UK port the Customs Agent will send you an invoice by Email

This is to pay for 1/ Shipping Charges, 2/ HMRC Duty 10%, 3/ V.A.T. 20%, 4/ Customs Agents Fee,

You make one payment to the Customs Clearance Agent and they will make all payments on your behalf

Once the vehicle has cleared customs it can be collected direct from the UK bonded yard.

How much can I save?

Our customers save anything from £1,500 to £15,000 on UK retail prices which is a massive saving on the UK dealer prices

Plus an opportunity to cherry picks the best cars.

This is why it’s a genuine Win Win opportunity.

Who owns the cars on your Stock Lists?

Cars on our Stock List are owned by the Japanese Vehicle Export Company they are available for purchase and export out of Japan

Do you hold any stock of cars in the UK or Japan?


We are NOT Car Dealers who hold a stock of cars in for sale ether in Japan or in the UK

We work for you as your appointed agent, Hence we have no Bias towards any cars we find

It’s simply we just search through the auction and Cherry Pick the very best cars we can find and then inspect them hands on

Japanese Car Auction

Japanese Car Auction

We buy from the largest stock of Japanese cars on the planet

So there is no need for us to carry any stock of cars ether in the UK or Japan

It is this fact that enables us to have such a good track record

Go to our You Tube Video Demo Channel as see the quality for the cars we supply

Also see our Testimonials Pages

Who is Jap Auto Agent Ltd ?

Jap Auto Agent Ltd is a UK based Japanese car import agency working for a upfront declared commission.

Working as your appointed agent we help you safely buy cars direct from the Japanese car auctions

We are located in Bollington, Near Macclesfield, Cheshire, England UK.

With over 19 years experience of importing cars direct from Japan into the UK

We are NOT car dealers. who buy and sell for profit, So we have no BIAS towards the cars we supply

Frist: Our aim is to cherry pick the best cars we can find that matches with your UK budget

Second: You will make fantastic saving on UK retail prices

Our customers remain in Full Control of the buying process at all times

We provide peace of mind in knowing you are working with an long established UK based registered company

With a Proven Track Record.

See our Testimonials and You Tube Video Channel.

If you have a question which hasn’t been answered above then please don’t hesitate to contact us via our contact form or call us on : +44 (0)1625 560505