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Agency Appointment / Vehicle Order Form

By completing the form below you appoint Japautoagent Ltd as your Japanese Car Auction purchase agent

Working for you on your behalf for a fixed commission starting from £495.00

You will be in full control of the process of targeting the vehicle and fixing the maximum bid price

We require a full description of the year make and model of vehicle you wish to purchase

An Auction Bid Deposit must be put in place at the start of the process before any bids can be made

The deposit demonstrates your intention to complete the purchase after we have bought the vehicle on your behalf

When a vehicle has been bought Strictly Under Your Instruction the deposit becomes committed to purchase

You will receive an invoice by email in JPY for the Free On Board (FOB) Japanese trade export price

This is the total cost loaded on to the ship in the Japanese port as the ship sails for a UK port of your choice

The FOB value normally comes to around 50 to 60 % of the on the road price here in the UK

The balance is paid when the ship arrives at the UK port, Shipping Charges, Duty, VAT, Port Handling Fees

After the F.O.B invoice has been paid in full our commission will be taken from the deposit funds

The balance of the deposit will be refunded back to you the customer.

Please Note: If we are NOT able to supply the vehicle you require we will Refund Your Deposit in full.

After reading and agreeing to our Terms and Conditions CLICK the confirmation button at the bottom of the form

You will receive your copy of this Form and our Terms and Conditions into your email inbox for your records

Our UK Santander Bank details can be found on your copy of the form for the transfer of the deposit funds.

Thank you.

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Agency Appointment / Terms and Conditions

Japautoagent Ltd 23 Lord Street, Bollington, Macclesfield, Cheshire, England, UK, SK10 5BN

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Section 2

Description of the target vehicle you wish to purchase




Please Indicate your UK on the road budget


The deposit and JAA commission is calculated from you’re UK on the road budget.

The deposit demonstrates your intention to complete the purchase.

Our commission is taken from the deposit funds after we have purchased the target vehicle.

The Balance of deposit to be refunded after the Japanese FOB invoice has been paid in full.

Section 3

Introductions to Independent Third Party Services

Please Tick the Required Boxes

We Recommend our customers appoint an Independent Shipping and Customs Clearance Agents,
Do you wish to be introduced to an Independent UK Customs Clearance Shipping Agent ?


We can Introduction customers to Independent IVA and MOT Testing services and Vehicle Registration services at the DVLA
Do you wish to be introduced to an Independent IVA / MOT testing and UK Registration Services ?


We recommend our customers take out additional Marine Insurance Cover

We offer to Introduce our customers to a panel of Independent Marine Insurance Brokers
Do you wish to be Introduced to a panel of Independent Marine Insurance Brokers


We can introduce our customers to currency exchange specialist for improved rates of exchange over high street Banks

Do you wish to be introduced to a currency exchange specialist



Japautoagent Ltd will not be held responsible for failures of third parties to carryout the services they provide in which we have no control over

Japautoagent Ltd will not be held responsible for failures of any Insurance Companies to pay any marine insurance claims

Our customers must satisfy themselves as to the ability of the third parties to provide the service they offer.

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Terms and Conditions

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After you click the confirmation button you will receive a copy of this form into your email inbox.
You will find our UK Santander Bank details on your copy for the transfer of the deposit funds.

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